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Epoxy Stoving Paints (Tuff Coat)

Tuff coat Polymers Introduction :
Tuff Coats Epoxy paint is based on Non-yellowing fatty acid modified Epoxy-Amino thermosetting high temperature baking systems. This system finds very important place in industrial applications for refrigerators, water filters, Kitchen applications, washing machines, drum linings & decorative finishes, requiring very high resistant to water ,detergents, mild acids & alkalis, chemicals & solvents. It is suitably modified with the combination of resins and additives to impart good flexibility, abrasion resistance, color retention & improved adhesion.
Tuff coat Polymers Key Properties of System :
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Unaffected by vegetable Oil,Grease, Aliphatic Solvents.
Excellent adhesion on mild steels & aluminum.
Good resistant to water,alcohol,Ketonic solvents & chemicals ( Direct Immersion is not advisable )
Excellent weather resistance.
Good Mechanical Strength & abrasion resistance .
Excellent flexibility & Hardness.
Increased Cross-linking at high temperature ( 140-150oC ) of modified Epoxy - Amino systems gives better adhesion, toughness & durability which reduces water permeability of paint film.
System withstands up to 100-120o C.
Tuff coat Polymers Application :
Before applications of top coat Epoxy Stoving paint do all necessary pre-treatments to the jobs. Remove all rust or oxidation films, Oil or Grease & then for Ms.Surface phosphate & passivation should be done. For aluminum cromatising is essential. Apply single pack Epoxy Stoving Primer or Stoving Primer or Stoving primer surface containing anticorrosive pigments as undercoat. If necessary remove excess coating thickness of primer coat to get 15-20 microns thickness.

If necessary fill up the suitable putty and apply second coat of primer. Proper Curing of all Primer coats & putty is essential before application of Epoxy Stoving Paint to get proper adhesion. This paint has good adhesion directly on bare surface, though primer & putty application can be avoided if surface is smooth.

Stir the paint thoroughly reduces the viscosity of paint by using TC/EST102 Thinner to achieve required application viscosity. After application of paint, keep the painted article in Rack-tack zone and give 15-20 min. of flash off time. Baking of  finish coat at 140 -150o  C for 30 min is recommended.
After taking out the required qty of the paint close the paint containers immediately to avoid solvent losses & moisture absorption in paint material. Do not apply the paint in humid conditions during raining, mist & fog or at very low temperatures.
Note :
The information contains here is believed to be accurate & is offered in good faith for the guidance to the consumers.
This is issued for general guidance only. We can not accept any responsibility for errors in, or misinterpretations of, the information contained in this literature. Our full cooperation will always be available to tackle specific technical problems.
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